Website Features & Their Implementation

Our terms and conditions mentioned in this section apply to all of your online visits to our website without any dispute. The terms and conditions relate to the damages and their limitations, settlements of conflicts, and pertinent laws concerning our services and their usage. If a customer has any query, then they should contact our representatives at their earliest of convenience.

Our policies are subject to periodic changes and modifications, and it’s strongly advised to go through our current versions whenever you feel yourself getting involved in a transaction with us online. When visitors online navigate on our website, we record their information so as to find out what page is visited the most and where we have to improve ourselves.


When the visitors posts their feedback, comment, idea, or suggestion then it becomes and remains the company’s property upon disclosure and submission. The company has the entire right to use them as per its own discretion exclusively. We are under no compulsion to:

  • Uphold any of the comments as self-assurance.
  • Make a payment or compensation on behalf of any remarks.
  • Answer back to any comments by a user.

The company may also apply the visitors’ logo and their offline possessions when using their testimonials.

Automated Messaging

From the very start when a visitor sends us their email or communicates with us, our company records their address and contact information to further relay announcements about our services. This means of communication can relate to notifications, agreements, and releases that are meant to be considered as fulfilling the criteria for all written legal statements and requirements.

Trademarks & Patents

All visible content on the website including written content, pictures, graphics, schemes, icons, snapshots, software, and programming are part of the collective elements constituting our website and are hence protected by copyrights. All trademarks and other intellectual content is the property of the company and is licensed and controlled through legal support.

The website and everything it portrays is purposed so that it can be used for personal and non-commercial usage. Visitors are legally advised to refrain from re-creating, displaying, modifying publishing, selling, or transmitting any of its related content, software or exploitation of this website. You are legally not permitted to use any of our trademark names used on our website as an association to any service or product which does not belong to the company.

Copyright Objections

We strongly forbid others and ourselves from all forms of copyright infringements. However, in a case scenario where you feel that our website is acting in a way that is a direct infringement of copyright laws, you can send us an email advising us to change our content.

User’s Space

Your account with our website is your user space that provides you with a convenient medium for further communications with us. You can use this space as your own to promote any additional requirements, instructions, concerns, and queries regarding the designer of your product. Our customer representatives can be contacted anytime for assistance on how to use your account and its features.

Jurisprudence Obligation

All visitors on our website are strictly instructed to comply with governing legalities and applicable laws that are in connection with our website and its offered services. This includes any applicable export controls with and without limitations as per written and on-screen notices from SAATCO.

Conflict Settlement

Our customer representatives can be contacted readily to inform us about any dispute or conflict which you may have regarding your visit on the company’s website and its services. You can contact us through live chat, query submission form, email or through a direct call.

Website Modification

All of our policies, including terms and conditions as well as elements of our website, are subject to change and alterations. We reserve all the right to modify our website without any prior notices. You are strongly advised to go through our current & updated terms of services and policies, whenever you make a transaction with us online.