As a registered company, we abide by the Data Protection Legislation 2016. Hence the privacy of our customers becomes our number one priority and major area of concern during operations. We make sure that all information assimilated from our customers, is exclusively and solely utilized to make the experience of our services to be improved towards them. We NEVER release or trade your data to anyone or any third party.

Our subsequent privacy policy mentioned below discusses in detail our ‘modus operandi’ concerning the privacy of our customers and how we collect & use their data in particular.

Accumulation Of Personal Data

Our company uses the client’s name, email, phone number and credit card number information for transactions only. When you use our services and order form us, the aforementioned are required to complete the business process. All of your purchased items online are kept safe and secure in our records.

Accrued Data Implementation

We use collected information to process your orders, and confirmation emails are sent to customers. Our representatives are allowed to use phone numbers to contact customers for further queries regarding their order. Customers will receive notifications for any updates regarding our services, and your information can also be used to improve our design and buyer’s experience for our services.

Prohibition For Third Party Involvement

Apart from our business units and divisions, no one else is permitted to gain access to your private and personal information. Our supervising authority delegates a complete prohibition regarding provision and selling of your information to any third parties.

Information Safekeeping

All of our customers’ private and personal information is heavily guarded through the implementation of encryptions by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) during its transmission.

Registered Accounts Access

The registered accounts of our customers can be accessed through signing in to our homepage. Once the customer has inserted the correct credentials, they can gain access to their buyer’s history and the information they have submitted to our website.

Modification & Removal Of Accounts

When a customer wants to unsubscribe from our services, they can email our representatives for a cancellation of our services. This will also prevent them from receiving any further emails regarding any online transactions which they might have agreed to on our website.

Usage Of Cookies

Our cookies help us attain information of our customers regarding their purchase history and items in their Shopping Cart during their visits to our website. As a recommendation to our customers, we request them to accept cookies so as to have an enhanced and improved user experience on our website.