Exclusive & reliable digital signage solutions

SAATCO offers exclusive & reliable digital signage solutions to display your identity anywhere, anytime!
This further helps to capture your audience's attention, build brands, improve customer experience and drive sales.

  • Supermarkets

    It can be used for communicating merchandising & product information directly to the consumer to provide the ultimate shopping experience. The digital content provides a powerful Point-of-Purchase merchandising tool.

  • Hospitality

    SAATCO provides solutions for in-room entertainment and digital signage designed to enhance guest experience.

  • Restaurants

    Dynamic Menu Boards can be used effectively in restaurants to change menu selection and pricing information, promote featured items, reduce perceived waiting time and enhance the dining experience.

  • Banks

    Simultaneously they can be used in the financial industry to develop in-branch electronic merchandising programs, informing customers on products & services. This cuts costs associated with producing & delivering conventional printed posters.

  • Corporate Communications

    One can Create a customized media network, to provide timely and powerful communications. A combination of flat panel displays can present dynamic multimedia, combining company corporate communications with local and national news feeds.

  • Touch Screen Solutions

    From providing information updates at an air terminal to beaming specific content to target audiences, and from ensuring customer delight at an entertainment complex to influencing purchase decisions at a supermarket – a well designed with potential customers passing by a kiosk.




Find unexpected benefits to your business with Digital Signage

Gaming apps offering superior features and development

SAATCO has been able to provide maximum results for the games we have developed for our clients. We offer you the latest design features enabling them to be accessible for a wide range of hand held devices. Our game development includes upgrades and codes to make your games accessible to a larger audience with ease.

Our game developer offer complete dedication to your project and delivers smooth interactions paving way for brilliant UI/UX. Our rich media animations tends to draw the jaw of every onlooker.


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